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‘Ocean Hues’ is my tribute to water which is the chief life giving element on our planet Earth. Someone said, ‘If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water’. Therefore, I have tried to capture a little bit of this magic in my paintings. Whether it is harmony, peace, joy, anger, strength, turbulence, tranquillity or any of the myriad emotions that define our existence, yet water remains an all-encompassing force that can reflect each of these emotions beautifully

The beautiful “koi fish” are a symbol of luck and prosperity. These ornamental fish bring good fortune wherever they are cultivated.

The human face has always fascinated me as a subject. I have been challenging myself to explore techniques like palette knife work while making large portraits. The combination of raw texture and burst of colours gives these paintings a highly vibrant look and feel that is intensely appealing and stimulating.

The best things in life are free. Flowers are a simple yet irreplaceable gift of nature to humanity. Be it love, friendship, adulation, heartbreak, life , loss or any other emotion that binds us to this journey of life, flowers are an expression in themselves.

Cityscape – Depiction of an urban night through vibrant lights and reflections against a dark backdrop.


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" I hope that through these paintings I can revive admiration for nature and a sense of responsibility for keeping the resources of this planet intact "

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