Shveta Saxena

Biography : Shveta Saxena is a New Delhi based artist who finds inspiration in all of nature’s creations and pours out her love for the same on canvas. She has won acclaim in international art events in Taiwan and Dubai. She has recently been signed by an Italian gallery for showcasing her art in art events across the globe. Her painting has also been selected to be installed as a print version in the major transportation channel, The Delhi Metro service.

She is immensely in love with ocean art and has made a photo realistic collection called ‘Ocean Hues’. This is also her key interest and is an ongoing series that she loves to work on. The dynamism of the ocean and its vibrant aqua colors create a mystique and beauty that cannot be surpassed by any other subject. Shveta tries to capture various moods through the ever-changing waves of the ocean and hopes that people will have more admiration and responsibility towards nature conservation and keeping its resources intact.

She also has a special fascination for human faces as is reflected in her collection called ‘Face of Life’. She loves to experiment with various techniques and has used palette knives instead of brushes to create some paintings in this collection. She has also made several realistic portraits with the eyes being the strongest feature.

Another collection of hers, ‘Floral Realism’ explores realism in floral paintings and is in continuation with her fascination for all the beautiful things that Nature has to offer. The best things in life are free and this series explores the wonder that is contained in the intricate designs of nature.

 Shveta firmly believes that perfection in Art is something that only be strove for but can never be achieved… and she has made it her mission to keep striving for that ever-elusive perfection so that each painting of hers reflects the best that she has to offer.



April 2019 : Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan.
March 2019 : Long Stream Gallery, Taiwan.
March 2019 : Painting prints installed in Delhi Metro Red Line Extension Metro Stations.
November 2018 : Screen viewing at The Global Art Awards, Dubai.
May 2018 : Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan.
April 2018 : Chan Liu Art Museum, Taiwan.
November 2017 : Art Enigma, a group exhibition at Hotel Ashoka, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.
September 2017 : Group exhibition at Hotel Ashoka, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi


April 2019: Gallery award winner in ‘International Artist Grand Prize Competition, Art Revolution Taipei 2019’ held in Taipei, Taiwan.

March 2019: Delhi Metro- Paintings selected for Delhi Metro Red Line Extension that was inaugurated by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi.

November 2018: Finalist in the painting category at The Global Art Awards, Dubai. These highly esteemed awards are also hailed as the ‘Oscars of the Visual Arts’.

May 2018: Finalist in the ‘International Artist Grand Prize Competition, Art Revolution Taipei 2018’ held at World Trade Centre, Taipei, Taiwan.



Masters in Commerce
PG Diploma in Fashion Communication: awarded with gold medal